Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector

Rating (In KVA) 15 KVA 25 KVA 40 KVA 62.5 KVA 82.5 KVA
SIZE (L*B*H) In mm 300*250*115 375*310*135 375*310*135 375*310*135 375*310*135


SELFGUARD Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector (PSC) is used to keep all the three Phases in the correct sequence (RYB), irrespective of any sequence coming from input supply.


This Unit will be installed with Three Phase Mains Supply only.


This Unit is suitable for Three Phase Lifts, UPS, Air Conditioner, Motor, Pumps, Machinery etc.


This Unit provides Protection against Imbalanced Voltage and is equipped with Inbuilt Single Phase Preventer.


This Unit is rated from 15 KVA to 82.5 KVA.