(6 Wire (Timer)) Automatic Motor Starter Controller (Automatic Switch)

SELFGUARD Automatic Motor Starter Controller (Automatic Switch) (6 Wire (Timer)) offers complete protection of motor from single phasing, reverse phasing and imbalanced voltage conditions.


If all three phases are in the correct sequence, a Green Indicator will glow after a pre-set delay, and the Automatic Switch will start the motor.


If the phases are not in the correct sequence, the Red Indicator will start blinking.


If any of the three phases is missing, the Red Indicator will glow.



  1. Incorporates the latest Microcontroller Technology.
  2. Safeguards the Motor from Reverse Phasing and running in Two Phases.
  3. Protects the Motor from Imbalance Voltage.
  4. Equipped with inbuilt delay timers for Three-Phase Sensing.
  5. Provides distinct indications for Reverse Phase, Missing Phase, and the Presence of all Three Phases in the Correct Order.