(Three Phase Generator and Three Phase Mains) Automatic Changeover Cum Phase Changer

Rating (In Amps.) 100 Amps. 125 Amps. 150 Amps. 200 Amps. 250 Amps.
SIZE (L*B*H) In mm 500*380*135  500*380*135  500*380*135  500*380*135  500*380*135 


SELFGUARD Three Phase Automatic Changeover cum Phase Changer (COMT) is a combination of Automatic Changeover Switch and Automatic Phase Changer.

This Unit will be installed between Three Phase Main Supply and Three Phase Generator.

This unit gives the output on all the Three Phases either One Phase or Two Phases are present.

When any of the missing phase comes back, this unit shifts the load automatically to its original phase with inbuilt delay timer.

During the absence of all three Phases of Main Supply and when the Generator starts, this unit automatically shifts the load to Generator side.

After the presence of any Phase of Mains, this unit shifts the load from Generator to Mains with delay timer and will give output on all Three Phases and, Generator will run on No Load Condition.

This Unit is Applicable for Three Phase Main Supply and Single Phase Load only (such as Lights, Fans, Single Phase AC, Single Phase Motors etc.)


This Unit is available from 100 Amps. To 250 Amps.

The selection of Automatic Changeover cum Phase Changer is done according to the load of Mains.