(Three Phase 12 & 24VDC) Generator Control Panel and Auto Start Auto Stop Unit with Remote




Remote Start - Remote Stop
Remote Start - Auto Stop
Auto Start - Auto Stop


SELFGUARD Three Phase Generator Control Panel and Auto start Auto Stop Unit with Remote (GC-3P) is a safety panel for all types of self-start generators.

This Panel covers the safety of both Engine and Alternator and is available in 12 and 24 volts, and up to 250 KVA.

The 20*4 LCD display shows the status, warnings and faults of Engine and Alternator while the Generator is running.

In Auto mode, the generator starts automatically after the absence of the main supply and stops automatically after the presence of the main supply.


In Manual mode, the generator can be started with the green/start button present on the main unit or the remote unit, and the generator can be stopped by pressing the red/stop button on the main unit or remote unit anytime in the absence of the main supply. The generator will also stop automatically after the presence of the main supply if not stopped with the red/stop button.

In either Auto or Manual mode, the unit stops the generator automatically when the main supply is present.

The remote unit provided with the main unit can be operated with a 4-core wire having a thickness of 0.5mm only from an unlimited distance. With the remote unit, you can remote start and remote stop the generator, and the Auto and Manual modes can also be changed remotely.



Features of Panel


Auto/Manual Mode – Battery Voltage – Engine Run Time – Service Due Time – Voltage – Frequency – RPM – Amps. – Oil Pressure – Temperature – Fuel Level – Mains Voltage – Fault/ Warning.

Warning and Tripping

Low High Battery - Service Due - Over and Under Voltage - Over and under RPM - Over and under Frequency - Over Current trip - Low Oil pressure.

Blink on Waring – Tripping (Fault) – Auto.


*All the Features are Configurable by pressing the Menu button on the display.


*Connection Diagram is Provided with unit.