Why Your Home Needs Automatic Changeover Switches

A switch that automatically switches between two power sources, usually the utility grid and a backup home generator or solar and battery storage system, is also known as an automatic changeover switch or automatic transfer switch. To prevent a power outage, it recognises when the primary power source fails and instantly switches to the backup source.


Principal Advantages

The following are the main advantages of installing an automatic transfer switch:


Systems for Generator Backup Power.

Nearly all home generators require the installation of an automated switching device adjacent to the main electrical panel. It is connected to essential circuits so that, in the event of a power outage, the switch will disconnect your home from the nearby electrical lines and activate the generator.


How to Choose the Correct Changeover Switch

The following important considerations need to be made when choosing a transition switch:


  • Utilisation (solar/generator) and residence electrical burden
  • amps as well as voltage rating
  • Type of enclosure
  • Power source: single-phase or three-phase Transition speed
  • Ability to operate manually
  • External vs. integrated controller


Based on your exact home backup system and loads, our experts at Blades Power Generation can establish the ideal switch characteristics and capacity.


Guidelines for Appropriate Installation

Automatic changeover switches need to be professionally installed with the correct electrical rules and processes to operate safely and effectively. These guidelines are recommended by our certified electricians:


Place it in proximity to the main panel.

  • Mount firmly and with enough space between
  • Choose the right wire size to avoid overloading.
  • Observe all mounting and wiring guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
  • After installation, carefully test the operation.


Important Wiring Connections

Ensuring the automatic transfer switch operates properly requires making the correct electrical connections. As per the installation manual, make sure the following circuits are wired correctly:


  • Utility Power
  • Backup Power Source (Generator/Batteries)
  • Grounding Conductors
  • Main Electrical Panel
  • Control Wiring


Automatic changeover switches are used by two primary categories of home backup power systems: Systems for Generators and Solar/Battery Storage. Selfguard offers the best automatic generator changeover switch. Get in touch with us now!


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