What Is a Changeover Switch?

When the primary power supply to your home or business fails, you must quickly and safely transition to an alternate source of electricity. A transfer switch or changeover switch can be used for this purpose. Selfguard offers the best automatic changeover switch. This guide will show you how a changeover switch works, the benefits of this device, and how to install it quickly and efficiently.


What Is a Changeover Switch Used For?


A changeover switch is an electrical switch that allows a load to be transferred from one electrical source to another, either manually or automatically.


When you install a generator at your home or company, you should include a generator changeover switch to ensure that the generator can be turned on quickly when a power failure occurs.


Changeover switches, on the other hand, can help to prevent electrical accidents on the part of utility staff by ensuring that an electrical current moves within the correct limits. Transfer switches also ensure that power sources are adequately segregated when not in use.


Although there are other types of electrical switches, changeover switches are distinguished by their capacity to swiftly, safely, and efficiently transfer an electrical load to an alternative source, such as a generator. Conversely, electrical switchover switches are useful for a wide range of tasks, from basic household uses to vital commercial and industrial applications.


Many industries have huge and complicated electrical systems that include many generators and access points for connecting and disconnecting from the main grid as required.


Examples of use cases are:


Telecommunications and data networks.

Factory and industrial procedures.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Educational Facilities



Small and Medium-sized Businesses


How Three-Phase Changeover Switches Work?


This section describes in detail how a changeover switch operates. It should explain the device's function and use diagrams or images to better demonstrate its purpose.


When there is a power outage, an emergency power supply system (EPSS) transfer switch can move the flow of electrical energy from the primary source to an alternative backup source, such as a generator.


The device separates the alternative power source from the main source during the duration of the power outage or to avoid an overload. When power is restored to the main source, the gadget can return the flow of electricity to the main source.


The switch functions as a bridge between two electrical sources by flipping its contacts, allowing electricity to flow from the alternative source if the main source is insufficiently powered. This contact change can be done manually or automatically, depending on the type of switch used. An automatic changeover switch can detect a defect or restore the primary source and switch between the two sources as needed.


The transfer switch detects a power outage and automatically activates the generator. The generator is turned on, and once the switch recognises its activity, the generator supplies power to your home or business. When the main supply of electricity is restored, the transfer switches off the generator.


Automatic Changeover Switch


Assume you have two sources of electricity - primary and secondary. Previously, when the mains power supply failed, the operator would go to turn on the secondary source power supply manually. This used to take time, especially when he was distant from the power source. 


To solve this issue, an automatic changeover switch was implemented. An auto changeover switch, as the name implies, automatically switches power between primary and secondary sources. If the mains power goes out or fails, this switch will automatically connect the load to the secondary power supply.


When the mains power source is restored, this switch will switch the load back to the mains power supply. This acts similarly to a relay. As a result, this automatic switch acts as a very important element in providing power supply.




In conclusion, The functionality and versatility of changeover switches are critical for improving the performance and reliability of electrical systems in a variety of applications. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, investing in quality changeover switches is a proactive step towards assuring continuous power supply and protecting against potential disruptions. Selfguard is one of the best manufacturers of  auto phase sequence corrector, and automatic generator start and stop units. We at Selfguard are committed to supplying you with excellent products. Must visit or contact us at +91-80903-80203 now!


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