Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector and its Applications

In the world of electrical, maintaining everything in order is similar to playing a symphony, which is where Automatic Phase Sequence Correctors (APSCs) come into play. In this blog, We’ll discuss the auto phase sequence corrector and its applications.


Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector

The Phase Sequence Corrector is an electrical equipment that automatically corrects phases as they change. The phase sequence corrector functions like a conductor, ensuring that the notes (phases) are always in the proper order (RYB), resulting in a symphony of stable and reliable power. 


When connected to a three-phase mains supply, the phase sequence corrector works discreetly and effectively. Its function is to keep the power supply in sync, preventing disturbances that could affect your equipment. 



It's ideal for maintaining three-phase lifts, UPS systems, air conditioners, motors, pumps, machinery, and other equipment. Essentially, the Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector can help with anything that requires a stable and precisely sequenced power supply.


Built-in Single Phase Preventer ensures safety first! The Selfguard Phase sequence corrector does more than just rectify the sequence; it also includes a built-in single-phase preventer. This feature protects your appliances from potential damage if a single phase fails to function properly.



The Selfguard Automatic Phase Sequence Corrector is essential for ensuring that each phase follows the correct tune. From lifts to air conditioners, it keeps your appliances running properly. Selfguard also deals in automatic generator changeover switch, generator auto start and stop panel etc. 


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